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Ratzen Fratzen Missing Stuff

Boogers! Green boogers! I wrote a post with a book review in it, yammering on and on about how great the book I was reading is, but it got sucked into the void. Double crap. I knew I was having trouble with “BlogThis” but I assumed it had worked. But the post isn’t there. I should have checked at the time. Boogers.

So anyway, the book in question is by Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code. It’s called Digital Fortress, and for my money, it’s everything I wanted The Da Vinci Code to be. I thought TDVC was good, but it was stretched out too much, and some of it was predictable. And then there’s the whole “what are the odds of them finding XYZ” aspect. Dumb luck, really. I hate dumb luck in books.

But Digital Fortress wasn’t like that. I never figured out the twists and turns; in fact, I thought I had something figured out, and I was totally off. I like when that happens, it makes a book worth reading. So I’m giving it two dumps up. (heh).