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Digital Fortress – A Book Review

I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I didn’t think it was as earth-shattering as some, but it was a good read. I recall thinking Brown stretched it out a bit in places, and kept finding myself thinking “C’mon, just tell us what it IS already”.

I picked up another Dan Brown book a few weeks ago because it sounded like something I’d enjoy – Digital Fortress : A Thriller is all that and a bag of chips. It’s what The Da Vinci Code should have been. It’s far less obvious what’s going to happen, the twists and turns are killing me because I totally didn’t expect any of them, and all-in-all it’s way way way more exciting. Some of the chapters are only two pages long, but each and every one of them moves the story forward. This book would make a FAR better movie that TDVC.

This is an A+ high-tech thriller, and I highly recommend it.