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Bad Dreams

If Natalie can tell you about her bad dreams, so can I!

Okay, so there were two of them. One was a pretty standard bad dream. The other is a bad dream because it made me think there is something wrong with my psychologically. You get to decide which is which.

1. Someone broke into the house and stole all the cool stuff – the computers, the television, anything electronic. At some point during the dream it went from being our house to this sort of condo complex that was under construction, and apparently the door being open for the workers was the security flaw. I woke up thinking “Man, I really need to do another backup on the laptop hard drive.”

2. I was writing a screenplay. Actually, it was going to be The Beverly Hillbillies reconfigured as a dark, serious drama. Same characters, but none of the funny (I mean, if you thought the original was funny. And not funny in a “why does the lesbian secretary have a thing for Jethro?” way.)

So I woke up trying to figure out if it’s a brilliant idea to take old sitcoms and turn them into dramas or not. I have no idea what the licensing would be like, but it’s an interesting though. But the Beverly Hillbillies? Yeesh.