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Wow, we’re #1?

Just saw the news report that Massachusetts tops the “State Technology and Science Index,” scoring over 80 out of 100 (in what, I don’t know) according to the Milken Institute, which conducted the study.

If we’re number one, and the job outlook is horrific here, it must be a black hole in other states. Yes, I’m happy to have this contract job, but it’s not like the full time jobs with benefits are being shoved in my face they way they were, oh, 6 years ago. I mean, recruiters used to call all the time. I was wanted; I was loved. But I got kicked to the curb in January 2002 and it’s been one big pile of nothing ever since. Mr. Dump says it’s the same for people in his field.

So if we’re number one, I’m scared for numbers 2 through 50.