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We Won’t Be In The Front Row

On our way to Jordan’s Furniture to go to their Imax theater (yes, for you out-of-towners, it is in fact the coolest furniture store ever – unlike the Boston Museum of Science, this one has a concession stand. 3D movies AND movie popcorn…and the soda fountain serves Barq’s. It is nirvana) we heard the “concert alarm” for 104.5 so Mr. Dump and I dug out our cell phones and got dialing. All weekend if you were the right caller, you got Sting’s newest CD and a chance to win front row seats to his concert at the Orpheum tonight. I saw sting a whole bunch of years ago at the Centrum with my friend Dave and it was UNBELIEVABLE. I really really wanted these front row tickets.

So me on my T-Mobile, him on his AT&T – I only got busy signals and he was caller 6, 10 and 14! Cripes, does the phone company play favorites? So he won the free CD, but this morning someone else won the front row seats. I hope she goes, cause if those seats remain empty I’ll be one unhappy person.