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Problem Solved

Tracked down the person and had a conversation and all is good. Man, did I ever feel like an ass for bringing the topic up. But it had to be done or I would have died from migraine-like headaches. Not cool.

[Editor – This eventually turns into a rant. You have been warned.]

I wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper yesterday, but they won’t publish it unless I give them my phone number. They will then call me and say “Did you write blah blah blah” and I’ll say yes and then they can print it if they want. The thing is, by the time they got to asking me for my phone number, some of the steam had burned out of me, and now I’m wondering if I should let them publish the letter. I enjoy writing them, in the heat of the moment, but then 6 or 12 or 24 hours later, you start wondering if you really want your letter in the local paper. I was ranting at some brainless wonders who had attended a prayer service against gay marriage. What really set me off was a woman who said something brilliant about there being male and female animals. Well, ya. So what? There are male and female people. Your point? Well, her point was that they pair up that way. Interestingly, the Daily Show JUST did a segment on gay penguins two nights ago. It’s verified fact that some animals pick same-sex partners. My favorite exchange in the interview was

“Just because it happens in nature does not make it natural!”

“Uhhh…I think by definition, it actually does.”

Some [mumble mumble] they later talked to actually said that “this is just propaganda. If you can believe that these are gay penguins, you’re buying the gay agenda.”

Are you kidding me? It’s right there in front of his eyes, with no human intervention, and he’s saying it’s part of the gay agenda? This is like the joke about the guy in the flood who told rescuers in boats that God would save him, and when he dies and asks God why he didn’t save him, God said “I sent three boats!”

You can show these people hundreds of examples like this (the zookeeper mentioned seals and monkeys too) and they’ll be blind to it, because they refuse to see this as maybe, just maybe, that it’s not “a decision.”

Cripes. Sorry for the rant, but the Daily Show was too funny, and yet it ticked me off royally at the same time. And it goes perfectly with the “rally” they had in Fitchburg. *sigh*