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Month: March, 2004

Things You Need to Know About *ME*

Hey, it’s time for me to make you all just a little bit more informed about ME. Because when the rubber hits the road, it’s all about ME.

  • At work, I use the fourth stall in, unless someone else is using it. If someone else is using it, I feel someone is trespassing. But I try to not cause a ruckus.
  • I usually sleep facing left
  • Peanut butter gives me a sinus headache but I eat it anyway, because I’ve weighed the cost/benefit and have decided I love peanut butter far more than I love not having a headache, but only until I am experiencing one of the headaches and then I hate myself for the rest of the day. The headaches are usually a day or two after I eat it, so I do not learn from my mistakes. It’s like hitting the dog’s nose 2 days after he pees on the rug.
  • The color shirt I am most likely to buy: Red. Blue is second.
  • If I could only choose one cartoon to ever be able to watch again, I’d probably pick The Simpsons, but we can’t watch that in the house because Junior’s a bit young, so I’d go with runner-up The Fairly Oddparents.
  • The song that is fingernails on the blackboard to me: “Islands in the Stream”.

Mes Dents

Hey, Mom! I got a good checkup!

Why yes, I am a Crest kid, why do you ask?


Importing Information of the Day

Today’s trivia question brought to you by the PowerBar. Co-creator Brian Maxwell died of a heart attack at age 51. Another example of a really fit person dying extremely early. I’m thinking I need to do whatever he didn’t do if I want to live long and prosper.

So the discussion this raised was: Is Jack Lalanne dead?

The answer, of course, is no. He’s busy selling juicers. Therefore I win. I’m going to make Mr. Dump, who thought Jack died 6 years ago, eat a PowerBar.


Penny Candy? Ha!

Dropped 20 bucks at the penny candy store, which means we spent about 4 bucks each. Not too bad, but still, it would have been nice to see things that were, oh, a penny.

I ended up with some Mike & Ikes, a thin Charleston Chew, Sixlets, Cowtails (like bullseyes) and Lik-M-Aid. Others got swedish fish, Sweettarts, jelly beans, ring pops, and assorted Sour Patch-kids type candy. And other stuff.

What’s funny is that tomorrow Junior and I both have appointments for cleanings at the dentist. I’m glad he ate the blue lollipop last night because his lips and teeth and tongue were completely blue until this morning. I think I’d get in trouble with the hygenist.



We’re off to the penny candy store…so if you were going, what would you buy?


Heavens to Betsy, Where Did You All Go?

Man, you skip one day, and then forget to ping blogrolling, and your traffic drops into the toilet. Please, people, you have a moral obligation to stop by at least once a day, just so I know you’re still out there. You are still out there, right? I see your eyes glowing in the dark.

This is going to sound stupid, but I’m proud of myself for setting up a 529 account AND getting it funded with direct deposit all by myself. I used the website, filled in the form, and boom, account created. It was harder for us to set up a Savings account for Junior. (Oh I have to tell you, they made him sign the form…cutest damned thing ever to see his printed signature on a legal form. I should have asked for a copy of it. I laughed because 10 years from now, if they use that to check his signature, there may be a discrepancy.)

New Show I found very very funny: Cracking Up, the new Molly Shannon, Christopher MacDonald sitcom. I can’t say enough about the treat it is watching scenes with the two of them together. Let me put it this way – Jack Black guest-starred as a scared-straight type drug prevention person, and he was nothing compared to Molly and Christopher. TiVo this one, kids.


I Want a Garage

Okay, which one of you is going to donate a garage to me? It’s not a tax write-off, but you’d have the warm feeling that comes from keeping my car out of the snow, and giving Junior a place to store his bicycle. Every boy needs a garage for his bike, don’t you think?


Snow Accumulation

I didn’t actually handle the shovelling duties, so I’m not sure what we got, exactly. However, the very same weather website that yesterday said 6-10 inches? This morning I read “Total storm accumulations 12-18 inches.” So I wasn’t so far off with my “ha ha they stink” comment about accuracy yesterday. 6-10 is not the same as 12-18. I’m just saying.


Refilled Seeds

Poor little spring birdies are all atwitter at the sudden dumping of snow in these parts. I saw a couple of them struggling on my birdfeeder and realized that they’d cleaned it out. So now the feeder is refilled, and hopefully my little feathered friends won’t feel the need to head back south. The snow is icky and a pain, but it will disappear fairly quickly. One hopes.

My headcold (a mild one) travelled to my chest last night. So far, I can deal with it, and it hasn’t destroyed my voice. Yet. I play to drink lots of fluids and take things easy. I’d like this to be GONE.


Squatters – Get Out!

Can I just vent here? So we’re expecting a snow storm. 2-4 inches by tonight, a total of 10 or so overall. We all know that means we could get a dusting to 2 feet of snow, because accuracy is an art form the local forecasters have yet to master.

Anyway, I got to work at the regular time, and headed for my regular parking space, which is in a fairly undesirable part of the parking garage, as far from the door as possible. I do that to make myself walk that much extra getting to and from the building.

When I normally get to work, there are maybe 5-8 other cars in that area. It’s as close to an assigned space as you can get.

Until today. Damned if ALL THAT SECTION of the area isn’t full of people who decided to avoid the snow by parking in the garage. And yes, I know it isn’t MY parking garage, but please, I have parked there every day since last June! I have EARNED a space in that area! It’s a danged good thing there was a space available, not in the exact area, but close.

But I think it stinks that people can freak and force out the regulars. Booger heads.