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I am going to push through the new DNS server address for my site move. This change may take 24 or more hours to wind it’s way through Internetland.

If things don’t work right, the new DNS server ID is going to be

If you use that address, you will see the draft version of a new template, and none of the historical content for the Dump. This will be fixed as soon as the change takes place. And remember, my email may be flukey for a bit as well.

See you later, alligator!

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Crappy Book Report

I’m not even done with the book yet and I want to give a crappy review to it. Why do I keep reading it? I don’t know. I just keep thinkging that at some point it will get better and things will be clearer to me. There was an improvement at one point, and I thought I was right, but then we went into that whole “what the hell is this all about” thing again.

I’m not giving the title because I don’t want people to know I’m reading a crappy <whisper> romance novel, </whisper> but I’m working my way through the pile of books by the bed and this was next on the list.

So anyway, look, it’s not mysterious if nobody can figure out what the hell is going on. I’m your audience. Do me a favor and not alienate me, ‘kay? I think it’s just a bit worse than the book with the crocheted underwear. That was amusing. This is annoying.

p.s Junior rode his bike again today. We should have snow by Tuesday.

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Looking for Avon Walk Support

Okay kids, my sister is doing the three-day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Boston this year, and your support would be unbelievable. Click on the link below to donate any amount. She’s walking in honor of my aunt, she of the amazing green pepper chicken thigh recipe.

It’s tax deductible and it’s for an excellent cause. Plus, if enough of you donate, my sister will think I’m far more popular than I really am. And you know, that’s what’s important!

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My Commenting Software

Okay point taken in the comments of the entry below this one. My commenting software leaves something to be desired.

Here’s the thing: the people who created it don’t exist anymore, so there’s no support (or wasn’t, last time I checked) and I’m not a pro PHP programmer. But the key is that I’m not dependent on somebody else’s server to control my comments – they live on my server, so if I’m up, they’re up, etc. etc.

I need to find new commenting software. I promise, I’ll look into it. I just need to find something And Jody-friendly.

This is a bigger issue for me right now because I’m moving hosts, possibly this weekend, and I haven’t been able to get the comments to work yet on the new server. It’s a whole paths thing, that I’m sure I can work out, I just haven’t had the time.

Anyway, that’s your head’s up that for a brief time, we will be in flux between the two servers. I have no idea how it will affect my mail, so your best bet for reaching me once I tell you I’m flipping the switch, is to leave a comment. I’d post the DNS address for the new server here, but I don’t want you guys using that yet, as that site isn’t up-to-date, etc. So keep yer pants on!

And if you use Blogger and have good commenting software, don’t be a stranger!