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MSN Search: clown toilet paper holder — More Useful Everyday

I left this blog entry title the same as an MSN search results page title. The page in question, is on the topic of clown toilet paper holders. I don’t have any, never did, and can safely say I never will. But someone out there is apparently looking for one, and for whatever reason, my site is a hit for this search phrase. Sir or Madame, might I suggest something in a more tasteful brass or ceramic? I’m just saying…

So I like the thought that a clown toilet paper holder is more useful everyday. I’m not sure what would make it more useful. It’s going to pretty much be a toilet paper holder, right? Holds toilet paper? No other purpose? (Hey, this ought to push me right to the top of the MSN search results in a week or so.)

I’ll be frank – I’m okay with just resting the roll right on the window sill. I know, I’m tacky and crass. But the windowsill is perfectly functional in that area. I mean, I have toilet paper holders in both bathrooms, but I’m not above using some that isn’t on the holder.

How did this start again? Cripes, it must be Friday. And a rainy one at that. Junior wants to give the new kites a try tomorrow but it’s not going to be kite weather, unless the definition of kite weather changed to include rain.

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