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Happy Switch the Calendar Day!

Time to change the page on all the calendars in your life. Today we have a picture of a maple sugar house, steaming away out in the middle of the woods. Can you just smell it? I can.

We took Junior to a farm where they were sugaring, but he was less than interested. They had geese and chickens in a pen nearby and that was FAR more interesting.

The write-up for this picture says that this photo was taken in Ashfield MA, and it was once the center of the peppermint industry. Huh? Get out! For the whole country? That’s cool. Something to maybe do a little research on, anyway. Massachusetts ranks 8th among the major maple sugar producing states. I would have put us higher than that, but there you go. I wouldn’t guess we were higher than Vermont, NH and Maine, and I know my friend’s grandfather used to make maple sugar in upper New York state.

Damn. Now I want some waffles.