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Freak Me Out, Man

Okay, if you read regularly, and you read the old site this past weekend, I made my standard “Oh, Junior rode his bike so it’s going to snow in the next couple of days” ha ha joke. Flurries this morning. I nearly ran screaming back into the house.

Maybe that would have been a good idea. I think I’m a cool, with-it kind of mom who can handle kids pretty well. I volunteered for the kindergarten field trip to…the grocery store. There were 38 5 and 6 year olds from two classes, and while it always sounded like a sitcom cliche, but the time it was all over, I actually had a pounding headache.

The coolest thing was that they took the class photos in and had the bakery department turn them into those sugar photos for the top of cakes, and the kids had that (and pineapple) for a snack in the cafe section. Junior got to eat his own head! Okay, so *I* thought it was funny!