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Flying North For the Summer

Yesterday and again today I saw a lovely V-formation of geese flying north. Well, the formation was lovely, the geese, not so much. They must have been really ticked off to fly into a snow storm. Oh well, such is March in New England.

I can’t stand Canada geese. They are so unbelievably messy. And dumb. And mean. They look great when they’re flying, but have you ever seen the sheer quantity of goose poop these things produce? I’ve seen a pond “killed” because of all the goose poop. It made me angry.

I also worked in Waltham where they would wander into the middle of a three lane road, and because they are slow and walk one behind the other, either you stop and wait or you get nasty dead goose all over the grill.

A flock of them hung out near our building, and one day they trapped us in because the “leader” was dumber than a box of rocks and lead them into a corner and none of them would turn around and walk OUT of the corner. The glass acted like a mirror and they were fighting with their reflections. When we tried to open the door to leave, they’d all start hissing at us. What a way to end your day, trapped by angry, stupid geese.

One brave warrior finally found a broom (you’d be surprised how much stuff you don’t have just lying around in an office building) and went out swinging. Phew. Saved from the evil hissing geese!

So that’s my rant against geese for today.