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Who Wants to Be King of the World

Last night we finally got through the “Who Wants to Be King of the Jungle” game on the Lion King 1.5 DVD (cute cute movie, few extras, but they’re good ones) and Junior decided we needed to play “Who Wants to be King of the World”. I said “James Cameron” but he didn’t get the reference.

Like the game on the DVD, each level was represented by a family member (the DVD uses the food chain). The funny thing is that each levels question had to do with that person. For example, the sister level had to do with something my step-daughter did, the uncle level question was “What does Uncle Bob say when he sees me”. The answer, as everyone should know, is always “Hello Nephew Spike”. The Grandpa level, the top level, had the best possible answers.

What does grandpa do when he sees me?

a) Say “what are you doing here?”

b) Say “why are you eating my grapes?”

c) Say “why are you eating my macaroni?”

d) Give me a big hug and a kiss

The answer was e) all of the above, but I had to laugh, my dad ALWAYS asks why Junior is eating his grapes. As if my mom doesn’t buy them specifically because Junior loves them.

So in case you were keeping score, *I* am the king of the world.