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Sale Cereal

Do I really need a sale to buy Cocoa Pebbles? Well no, I don’t. I’m more than willing to buy them if I want them. But a sale on Cocoa Pebbles means we’re having cereal for dinner! Well, I’m having cereal for dinner. And some leftover Peking ravioli. (Yea takeout! Thanks Deb!)

Oh, so at Sam’s* this morning and our favorite waitress gave Junior a little paper umbrella in his apple juice straw. Jackpot! It’s good to start your Sunday with an umbrella drink!

Well, while Junior and Mr. Dump waited for me in the parking lot of Shaws, apparently the umbrella got torn. The solution, per Junior, was to go to the Chinese restaurant! Wow! Nobody ever wants to go to the Chinese restaurant with me! But then the kicker: “Ya, we’ll go in and get one and then just leave.”

NO! If I’m going to obtain a paper umbrella, it had better be because I’m on the receiving end of a scorpion bowl, baby.

I leave you with the lyrics to a song Dave wrote on Dave the Barbarian – it’s an ode to a cheese danish:

“Cheese and Sugar, Cheese and Sugar, with the texture of a booger.”

I like that show. I don’t know if it’s popular enough for anyone to know what the hell I’m talking about if I tell you that all my shoveling this weekend makes me look like The Can. Heh.

*Sam’s is the name Junior gave the place we get breakfast every Sunday morning, back about 3 or so years ago. He thought the owner’s name was Sam. It wasn’t. Her name was Kim, but to this day if we see her, we call her Sam – I think she finds it VERY amusing. She doesn’t even own the place anymore, so if you are looking for a restaurant called Sam’s around here, good luck.