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If I give you a dollar, could you make this be Wednesday instead of Tuesday? Thanks, you’re a pal.

I’ll give you a second dollar if you make the headache go away, preferably by giving me a full body massage in a dark room with soft music playing. On the up-and-up, please. I’m not that kind of girl.

Ranty bit: Dear President Bush – leave the damned Constitution alone! Don’t you have other, more important things to worry about? Like maybe more highway department money so they can build a special lane on every highway for the stupid people to drive on? But to steal an appropriate term from Scott Adams, we won’t tell these Induhviduals that it’s the real reason they get the special pass for that lane. *wink*

Came very close to witnessing a horrid accident in the Water Tower Plaza parking lot last night. Junior and I had made an emergency run to B&N to get a copy of a Captain Underpants book (don’t ask) and while I patiently stopped and looked in all directions even though I had the right of way, this ‘swipe in a minivan comes FLYING out of a row of parking spaces into the middle of the main thoroughfare through the lot. (i.e. he came out of a side-street and just never stopped to see if anyone was coming). There were vehicles going in both directions that had to screech to a stop to avoid hitting him (I say “him” but I’m guessing)…I’d say with less than a foot between him and EITHER of the other cars. He was seriously close to causing a 3-car accident. And yet, he never slowed down, probably flipped the other two drivers off, and continued to FLY through the parking lot, across rows of empty spots (you know, the way you aren’t supposed to because people aren’t expecting you) at, oh, 35-40mph. I know he took two years off my life and I wasn’t even one of the other cars. Grrr.