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Another Ice Cream Truck

My Matchbox/Hotwheels ice cream truck collection just doubled in size…to 2. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Hey, why didn’t I know that Jody had an ice cream truck collection?” and the answer would be “because I never mentioned it.”

I don’t mention it because I don’t want the world inundating me with ice cream truck-related crap…I only bought the first one because of the Open Letter I wrote the the ice cream man. When a reporter from some Midwestern state actually contacted me for an interview about the article (!) I thought maybe it was my claim to fame. Or something.

So now I have two, because I bought one on Monday. It’s actually pretty creepy. I don’t know if kids would buy this one. It’s lime green with a big clown jack-in-the-box painted on the side, and a sign on the top says “Treats for Creeps.” Uh, okay. It also says “I scream” on the side. Ya, I’d buy something from THAT guy.

My original truck is cool because the door slides open and closed, and when you open it, the little man appears in the window to take your order. Now that’s a cool detail.

So please, do not send me more ice cream trucks. I wouldn’t want to have to rent space to house the collection.