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Traffic Reporters: Do We Look Stupid?

Okay, maybe sometimes when I’m listening to the radio I’m only half-listening. But not always. And you learn the voices of the people you hear every day, you know?

So why is it that the traffic reporters use different names on different radio stations? Do we look like morons? The two I’m specifically talking about are the regular morning and afternoon folks over at WXLO. I know Gina’s voice. I hear it every day. You can’t tell me that she’s not “D. B. Cooper” for the traffic reports on that other station. Same for the morning guy. I had it on WEIM (the local AM station) to listen for school cancellations and was shocked to hear the regular morning traffic guy, Eric Heenan, give his name as Joe something or other that I’d never heard before. Why? Just why? Does anyone think that the traffic reporters just work for one station?