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Short Reviews

Okay, no lengthy, intellectual detail here. Just some thoughts on a few things.

1. Dave the Barbarian (Disney Channel) – good stuff. I have a new favorite word that I may use out of context. Dave combined mayonaise and mustard and called it “Mayotard”. What a bloody unbelievable word.

2. The Daily Show – My God, what will I do if this goes off the air? There is nothing better on television today. I just thought I’d mention it.

3. Arrested development – Jason Bateman is amazing. I mean, I had no idea. Love the show, wish it was an hour. Give yourself 2 weeks or so to just get used to the rhythms, etc. It’s not your typical sitcom.

4. Two and a Half Men – right now this show and Arrested Development are my only two “must watch” shows, and I end up watching little mini marathons from the Tivo because I don’t watch much “grownup tv” these days. Tonight I only got one episode in before Junior’s interst left what he was doing.

5. Survivor – I stopped watching regularly back in Africa. The one I watched all of was Australia – can I tell you how psyched I am to see Colby again on a weekly basis? And Rudy and Susan from the first one…this is going to be GREAT television. Too bad Mike (the guy who took the header into the fire) isn’t playing. I always thought he had it in the bag (until that horrible moment) and I wanted him to have another chance.

That’s it for now…