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Ratzen Fratzen Winter

Is there a reason I had to be born in the winter? I suppose it’s too late now to do anything about it, but is it too much to ask for a birthday with temps in the 70s and light tropical breezes? Oh sure, I could get that if I were in the south, but I can’t pull that off on a Tuesday, you know?

And now they are saying we’re going to get a foot of snow or so between tomorrow and Wednesday. Fantastic. I wanted to have to deal with that instead of, oh, say, going out to dinner, or whatever. Actually, it was/is going to be whatever because everyone in my life is busy tomorrow. No, it’s not some elaborate plan to fool me with a surprise party. Mr. Dump is on a business trip (he made me a cake and we did that on Saturday because he left at 6am Sunday), my sister has a meeting at her son’s school, and my parents have to babysit while she’s at that meeting. Boo! Hiss! I was going to go along with my parents just for the company, but not in the snow. *sigh*

I will say that Sister-person and best friend-person took me out to Il Forno last night and I did some damage, baby. I like special occasions because it’s an excuse to order off the dessert tray. Turtle cheesecake, come to Mama!