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Puff Pastry

I’m in the mood for puff pastry. It started last night when I asked Mr. Dump where Bulgaria is, and we eventually learned it’s north of Greece. Then at breakfast this morning, I saw the special was a Greek omelet. I am a sucker for Greek food. It’s the feta and olives and puff pastry. I could live on that combination. I want to live on that combination. We were talking about the lack of Greek food in this area, and I guess knowing that a Greek guy runs the diner we were at doesn’t help if I’m never around to have lunch there, and they aren’t open for dinner. Zorba’s is horrible (I’m sure some people love it, but I’m not one of them). Athens used to have a decent selection, but when they sold their old location, they didn’t bring back the Greek menu at the new storefront pizza place. However, we did get a pizza from Athens tonight (hello Harry! You make the BEST pizza!) and we got a small Greek salad. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh feta. I love feta. I want to run away with it and marry it.

I sing the praises of goats who give milk. Thank you, feta makers of the world!