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Looking for that Eric Heenan Entry?

I see a couple of you are looking for my previousEric Heenan entry here. He’s the traffic guy in the morning on WXLO. I’m sure the sudden interest is related to the fact that SUDDENLY the man’s voice is COMPLETELY different, and they are saying it’s because of the equipment he uses to broadcast. I’m not convinced. I don’t think it would change is voice THAT much. I’m trying to listen to the phrasing, etc. to see if the “content” of the report matches what it normally is. I haven’t heard anything yet that made me say “Oh, Eric used to say that all the time, it really MUST be him.”

This is, to a lesser extent, similar to the WBZ radio sneaky bastige attempt to fool us into thinking that Gary LaPierre, the cornerstone morning anchor for *mumble* years, was reporting from Boston yesterday. Apparently some time ago he struck a deal that during the winter, two weeks of EVERY MONTH he broadcasts from Florida. Defenders say “who cares where he’s doing it” but I say it’s deceptive and sneaky and if it was no big deal why wasn’t it known until yesterday? Why hide it? What kind of integrity is that?

So if the traffic reporter is named Bob, why call him Bill or Frank or Eric?