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Ice, Ice, Baby

Wow, it’s jim-dandy out there today. Color me icy! The boy is home sick – we’re waiting for the doctor’s office to call us back. I am trying to figure out if we should call them. He was on vacation for 2 weeks, and I have to assume that they are backed up beyond reason. Of course, having a local 6 year old die from strep complications and a 29 year old die from the flu has probably got people insane. Junior’s had a sore throat (sounds swollen shut) for about 4-5 days now. To me, that screams strep, but I’m not calling in a panic, I’m calling like I have any other time the boy has had it.

I just wish they’d get back to us because the sooner it’s diagnosed, the sooner we can get him on medication and the sooner he can go back to school. It’s his birthday tomorrow, and if he doesn’t go in, how is he going to get to wear the birthday boy crown?