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Go Pats

Praise the good Lord above that nobody offered me tickets to tonights game because the inner termoil over wanting to go and yet not wanting to have to be outside would have ripped me in two. Luckily, I didn’t have to make that choice. It’s still freaking cold out…tomorrow they said it might hit 21 and I might just wear shorts.

Junior had a birthday party to attend – a pool party. Oy he was happy to go, but the combination of 0 moisture in the air the past 4 days with the sudden humid and chlorinated conditions and he sprouted a nosebleed. Ugh. Not good. Got it under control, he want back int the pool, and there was just enough residue (old blood mixing with pool water) for the pool staff to tell us that he had to stay out of the pool. I totally understood, we know the rule where he takes swim lessons is that anything in the pool like that (throw up, poop, whatever) and they have to kick everyone out and run a cleaning cycle. He wasn’t really embarrassed, just wanted to go home. Quite frankly, so did I. I am NOT a fan of bloody noses, they freak me out and I assume the worst, even though I know some people just get them more than others…