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Dry Skin? You’re Soaking in It!

I approached myself carefully…I didn’t want to startled any of my cells. I thought I had the upper hand but my skin had the last laugh. No matter how much lotion I applied, my skin remained itchy and dry, with a big ugly smirk on its face.

Eucerin, you are no match for MY winter skin! With weeks of subzero temps and what felt like negative humidity, I think we’re all lucky to not become spontanious combustion victims.

“What happened to Jim?”

“He scooted his butt over on the couch to let Diane sit down and burst into flames. He was so dry he just went up in seconds.”

If I were rich I would designate one bathtub in my mansion to be kept full of lotion, and twice a day I’d just jump in for a quick pick-me-up.