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Calendar Girl

I’m looking forward to January to be over (for oh, so many reasons) primarily because I’m ready for the next picture on my calendar.

It’s an okay picture, a small farmhouse in rural Connecticut (so says the description). It’s evening – night really – and the eaves are filled with icicles. There are candles (electric) burning in the windows, and a single light aimed at the front door. What bothers me is that I’m not sure where the light is. There’s like a melty hole in the snow where the light might be…should be. But there is light shining on the back of the hole, away from the door, that I don’t think would be there if the floodlight were buried in a snow hole. Not the say this isn’t the case. So now I think there’s a light somewhere else, aimed down at the house and the snow hole. The whole damned thing doesn’t work for me. Only half the house is lit. Are you telling me there were no other farmhouses with sleds outside the front door? You couldn’t PUT a sled next to a farmhouse? Shoot the photo earlier in the day?

You can see why I’m looking forward to next week.