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The Great Christmas Carol Immersion

Junior is up to 4 versions of A Christmas Carol. He’s got the story down cold so that regardless of what version it is, he knows what’s coming next. I know, because I quizzed him. (“What’s next?” “The ghost with the chains who tells him about the other three ghosts” “Good boy!”)

We were watching a House of Mouse DVD and it included Mickey’s Christmas Carol (bonus!). What’s funny about that is that he asked me to turn off the Reginald Owen version that I had been watching to watch the Disney DVD, not knowing what was in store. He doesn’t really like the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, but I don’t think you’re supposed to, given that Tiny Tim AND Scrooge are both dead in the future. (Tiny Tim dying, considering the kids they get to play him in the live versions, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Cripes, is it that hard to cast someone who isn’t annoying in that role? Please, the kid in the Albert Finney version does NOT sing like an angel. And he seems pretty healthy, other than the bum leg.)

Actually, in the Muppet Version, Junior was VERY freaked out by the Ghost of Christmas Present, who is so big that when we first see him it’s just his giant eye looking through the door of Scrooge’s bedroom. He HATED that part. Loved the ghost, but HATED the eye in the door. Now he knows that other versions don’t have that. I have the George C. Scott version on DVD, the Henry Winkler version on VHS, and we haven’t seen the Alistair Sim version yet. Think he’ll let me squeeze in one more before the weekend?