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Oh, SURE You Will

I decided to give AT&T Wireless another chance today. I want to upgrade my plan, my phone, and add a second phone to share my minutes. I’ve been with them for quite a few years, and upgrading my phone in the past has always been cake. I mean, just painless. Not now. I tried to make this happen two weeks ago and the phone never arrived and I had to call them to have them tell me “oh, ya, we can’t ship it to an address that isn’t your home address or the place of business of the person whose name is on the account.” Bastiges. This was supposed to be a quick and painless thing. I want all this stuff, and I don’t want to have to outlay any cash. Put it on my bill, people. What is so hard about my request?

So I tried to give them another chance today. While on hold I heard the following: “Our goal is to accommodate you.” and “Just ask us and we’ll make it happen.” Great, that’s what I want to hear!

So I got an awesome customer service rep (Jennifer) but she couldn’t help me exactly. I mean, she could make it happen, but not with the phone I wanted, or the service I wanted or the rebates I wanted. To get the rebate I’d have to open this as “new” service, and then there’s that pesky early cancellation fee on my old contract. So now I’m looking to maybe switching to Verizon wireless, because then I could just have my phone, DSL and wireless all on the same bill. Dude, I am SO going to go with T-Mobile. I just have to wait for payday to get the service of my dreams.

So kids, anyone out here in the Leominster area have VerizonT-Mobile? Thoughts?