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Man, Where Is Everyone?

None of my favorite blogs have been updated, my traffic here is about half what it normally is…what, you guys took the day off?

Actually, I didn’t because I’m a contractor. No work = no pay, and I can’t do two days this week, y’know?

I went out at lunch to buy some DVD+R disks, because stupid me didn’t know that DVD-R disks were incompatible. There’s a plus, you see, that apparently means “In addition, we are going to mess you up good by restricting which media we will recognize”. I thought we had a bad drive. Thank God for the internet, clearing up that mystery. Stupid lack of standards. Anyone want to buy a 10-pack of DVD-R disks cheap?

I am working on another entry for the blog that requires a little research, and like I said, I’m working right now, so you’ll have to see it later. (i.e. Come back several times today to look to see if it’s posted yet.)