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Jeff Lynne’s Version of "Stormy Weather"

That’s what I’ll be listening to over the weekend. We’re expecting a nor’easter over the weekend, which is nice timing in one way, and bad in another. Bad because I have shopping to do, a birthday party my son at the bowling alley, and my mom’s birthday, all this weekend.

Plus this means I’m going to have to shovel. So I have THAT going for me too. My dad gave my snowblower a tuneup (which mostly consisted of removing the field mice and nest from the engine, but I assume there was also an oil change. I should call and ask if he left gas in it. Now that I use an electric lawn mower, I don’t really have need for storing gas all summer. Hey dad, if you read this before I call you, drop me a line or call me, okay?

[delete, delete, delete. Oopsie! Please ignore.]

Oh, and welcome to all the people who stopped by after reading the new Barbie article. Don’t forget to come by often, y’hear?