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Is It That Time Already?

I drive through Bolton on my way to and from work every day, and last week I noticed an announcement posted on the big sign they have out in front of the Police Station (I think this is pretty much how news gets out. I’m not sure they have a town hall. Maybe it’s in the building up on the hill beside the police station, but it’s not very visible as you drive by, if it is. Thus the PD sign. Anyway.)

Apparently it’s time for Little League signups in Bolton. Now pardon me for being a grumpy gus, but isn’t it a tad early to do that? Is there an assumption that nobody new will be moving to town between now and April or May or whenever LL starts practices? Why on earth would you have sign-ups so far in advance?

“Hey, kids, we have to sign up for little league, only 4 months till the first practice. Oh, and hey, Petey, I know you’re only 8, but time to get your early admissions forms in to your top choice for college.”

Isn’t there something else that should be starting up sooner, like maybe a winter basketball league or something? Luge?

Geez, when they talk about the pressure on kids when it comes to school and sports, I’ll bet they weren’t even talking about crap like this. I mean, making them decide if they want to play or not this far ahead of time is downright silly. I don’t even know what I want for dinner tonight, never mind making a huge time commitment for something that isn’t going to happen until next summer.