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3, Count ’em, 3

I am now aware of 3 radio stations in the Boston market doing 24/7 Christmas songs. I’m actually kind of floored by this information. I mean, it’s not like multiple top-40 stations, that might not have the same playlist. You’ve got a limited set of available Christmas music, and 600 or so hours to fill.

I still choose 104.5, because I like them, they have their very long ago roots in an FM station in Fitchburg (WFMP, I believe) back in the 1970s, and every day they actually do traffic reports for the major highways out here in Central MA. 495 just doesn’t exist for the Boston stations, never mind Route 2. See, if you aren’t within the 128 belt, you’re in California, apparently. “Leominster? Isn’t that in the Central Time Zone?”

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