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Wow, That’s Some Hit Count!

Noticed a bunch of traffic coming from one of my other pages, so I thought to myself “Self, there are a bunch of people off reading that page – you should see how many.”

Sometimes, you think your eyes are playing tricks on you. And sometimes they aren’t, and you’ve really had 7000+ people reading the List of People With A First Name for a Last Name in the past two days, because linked to me.

Now more people should be clicking back to read THIS page, but for the few of you who have – I just want to say thank you, and take your shoes off before you track mud all over my kitchen floor. And don’t leave your empties on the coffee table! Sheesh, college kids these days!

p.s. For those of you who normally get thousands of hits a day without even trying, please, don’t tell me about it or I’ll cry. I’m fragile that way. And my NaNoWriMo novel will under up being a dark and depressing thing, as opposed to the goofy novel I was hoping to write.