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Where Are the Volunteers?

Boy, my post about de-cluttering got more comments than anything else I’ve posted recently, although I notice nobody volunteered to come and clean for me. This tells me two things.

1. You guys are concerned that we live like those people who you read about because after they died 35 years’ worth of newspapers, magazines, trash and cats were found covering every free surface, so that entire rooms were blocked off. It’s not quite that bad. We don’t have any cats.

2. People are actually reading my site.

Both things warm the cockles of my heart. And I’ll have you know, the cockles of my heart needed warming. (The ADD side of me wants to go off and conduct a half-hour internet search to figure out exactly what cockles are, why they are in your heart, and if they need warming)

Oh, ADD-girl won! Cockles appear to be Mollusks, “Corculum Cardissa”. Here’s a great explaination on possible sources for this phrase. I think I can carry on now, you little ventricle-warmers, you!