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What Day Is It?

I was thinking it might be Wednesday, but now I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesday. I can’t go by my watch because the date function has to be updated by hand on an almost daily basis. My God, Timex, what the hell were you thinking? I believe I’ve talked about this before, but this is the watch with the freakish calendar that doesn’t roll over from 31 to 1, but 32, 33…39, 00 (!) and then 01. So every month, even those with 31 days, I have to reset the date. And it seems to me that the date function isn’t tied to that whole midnight to midnight thing, because every morning I find myself resetting it, regardless of how hard I try to tell the watch “this is 6:30 AM, not PM” when I set it.

I think I need to contact Timex. Or else buy a different watch. But I’ve only had this one for 8 months or so, and I don’t feel like spending the money when this one SHOULD work. Whew. Thank you for letting me vent. I feel better already.

Oh, and I want to offer a public belated happy birthday to my Aunt Barbara, because I’m a dope and forgot to call or email her on the actual day. I made a big deal telling Junior that her birthday was on Halloween, and then we just never followed up. So Happy Birthday, Aunt Barbara!