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They’re Talking About Me Again

You know, for someone who is talked about in college classes as the epitome of mundane, I get very little traffic from it. Don’t more people want to see how I am of little interest to scholars who would look for resistance and transgression in either the text (Fiske) or the medium (Mele)? (scroll to bottom) Whatever the hell that means. I’m sure that the fact that I’m talking about being talked about is going to throw a whole monkey wrench into the goodly professor’s Week 10 lecture on The Big DumpTruck!

It’s a good thing I like my website, or reading about myself this way would cause me to cry and eat Tostitos. (Oh, wait, does the professor want me to link out to Tostitos? Or maybe to a place on Amazon where you can buy them?)

At some point, someone is going to ask me about all these things, so that instead of listening to that Atton punk (who didn’t have the decency to verify some of the stuff he wrote, and was forced to include a postscript clarifying at least one point) they could ask me in person, “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”