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No Room At This Inn

By the time I finish writing this, it’s possible that Michael Jackson, that perfectly normal, boring “King of Pop” will be in police custody. Again. Forget Iraq, this is shock and awe, baby.

Okay, maybe not. I thought he should have had his butt tossed in jail for good the LAST time we were forced to listen to newscasts about his man-stick having “distinctive markings”. Please God, spare us those kinds of details when it comes to this humanoid.

I swear to God, I have never ever seen a bigger bunch of people in denial than his supporters, unless it’s the worthless parents who let their sons hang around with this pervert.

Being talented shouldn’t give you a free ride. Being rich shouldn’t either. But apparently fame and fortune have blinded people so much that they’d sacrifice their children with a “oh, he’s just misunderstood. He’s a sensitive soul.” Well he’s a sensitive soul with a preference for pre-pubescent boys. If a guy who looked and acted like MJ lived across the street from you, you’d never let your kids play out in the front yard unsupervised. Face it.

Anyone can “seem” like a really nice guy, but in the meantime, when you aren’t there watching, he could be doing coke, beating his children and cheating at Scrabble. Oh, so just because he never did this stuff in front of you it never happened? He’s a great guy so his kids must be lying?

We won’t even get into the story about that couple who fed their daughters and natural son but fed their foster sons pancake batter and nothing else. Oh, the 16 year old only weighs 40 pounds and hasn’t been to the doctor in over four years? All the kids weigh less than half of what they should even at the low end of the scale? They’ve all got stunted growth? Well, see, the KIDS have eating problems. This is from their Church pastor! Can’t be that the foster parents are evil spawns of Satan who got off on not feeding four innocent children (who didn’t have the strength to pull a trash barrel on wheels from the house to the street without stopping to take a rest). Funny how this was JUST the foster sons, who came from different families, but apparently all have the same eating disorders. I didn’t realize being systematically starved to death was considered an eating disorder.

Do I sound bitter? I am. As the mother of an almost six-year-old son, I’m furious that people like these are allowed to walk the streets because they seem nice. And now I can’t wait to see the hysterical fans of Michael defending him because he’s “misunderstood.” Let me just say that YOU, dear fan, are the one who misunderstood.