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“My Country Tis”

Today was “decorate the house with Christmas lights day.” Was it that day for you too? I think the high temperature hit nearly 60 degrees, so you can imagine we were looking for any excuse to play outside. After swimming Junior spent some time playing with his cousins at my mom’s house before we all had lunch at Burger King. Then Junior and I went to buy this year’s lights. I know they are reusable, but before you say anything, I leave them up until spring and by then, especially after last year’s winter, all the color was worn off the bulbs. Useless to me, you see.

I let Junior pick this year’s color scheme, and God Bless his soul, he likes blue lights. I love blue lights outside…just think they look awesome. I could never get Mr. Dump to do blue lights – he actually wanted us to do white lights (which just doesn’t scream “Christmas” to me, and I want my house screaming, baby.) Over the years I settled for red outside, and eventually got my way with multi-colored. But Junior said blue so we looked for blue. Then he said he wanted red too. We have two bushes on each side of the front steps, so that works out. Well, funny thing – I’ve been in this house for nine and a half years, and this is the first year that the shrubs are so big that one string of lights wasn’t enough. So we had to go back to the store, and I decided to splurge on one of those white deer with the head that goes up and down because Mr. Dump always wanted one, and they were always too expensive. Well, Brooks had them for $18.88! I can do that!

The thing is, the way I decorated the front, it’s, well, patriotic. I didn’t mean to do it that way. Junior said he wanted the red closest to the house, and I did that, but the spot where the deer worked the best meant that it’s now red, white and blue, in that order.

Well, you know, whether or not I support what we’re doing in Iraq, I DO support the people who are over there, and I know this is the worst time of year. So let’s just say that I did my decorating that way on purpose, shall we? (Now I just have to keep myself from flipping the lights on between now and Thanksgiving, when I generally start with that stuff. I love the holidays!)

Oh, you’re probably wondering about this post title, huh? Junior came home from school about a month ago and told me he’d learned a new song, called “My Country Tis”. That’s way too cute for me to correct him. Oh, and he does a stellar job singing it, if I can brag for a moment.