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Miffy, Day Two

Okay, all modesty aside, check out this Boston Globe article where they actually say“Robert Skilling, the observer in charge yesterday, said winds were peaking between 50 and 52 miles per hour atop the 635-foot hill as the barometric pressure dropped to near-hurricane levels.”

Near-hurricane levels. Read that again to yourself. Okay, now, let me explain that a typhoon is a “western North Pacific hurricane.” Granted it didn’t meet the sustained winds required to be fully called a hurricane (74mph), but still, I think you can nod your head and say “well, she isn’t entirely crazy”. I passed 10 utility trucks on 495 south this morning. I didn’t recognize the name of the company (which I promptly forgot) but I got the feeling they were like the contract utility companies who come down from Canada to help out whenever there’s a bad storm.

So technically, I was NOT all that far off naming this puppy. You may bow down at my feet and leave me offerings of snackfoods and health and beauty aids.