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I Have Not forsaken You

This concludes our test of the Emergency No Update System…

Look, I’m just going to pretend that people cared at all that I didn’t post yesterday. It was a full day, top to bottom, and the blog got pushed waaaaay down on the list. I mean, I had to take Junior bowling, people!

We’re gearing up here for Typhoon, er, “Miffy”. Hey, it’s my typhoon, I get to name it. Okay, so the National Weather Service just says it’s going to be really windy – but 60mph gusts and 30mph sustained winds deserve some kind of name, don’t you think? So I declare tomorrow Typhoon Miffy day. And don’t bother calling and writing to tell me that to be a Typhoon the storm needs winds to be n mph. I’m in charge, do you hear me!?

When a storm like Miffy comes along this late in the season, it has a cool sound all its own. Mostly because there are no leaves on the trees to break the wind (heh) but also because I have a lot of trees close together and they’re going to sound like one of those wooden windchimes. I’m just hoping that the lack of leaves means I won’t lose any trees (or parts of trees, as was the case during the last windstorm).

I’ll keep the Miffy Updates coming…