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Goodnight Moon!

I was thinking I should have taken a good picture of the moon tonight, it all its eclipsed glory, but it’s actually hard to photograph the moon, given that it’s a light source (even in an eclipse) against dark everything. I don’t have the right kind of camera or tripod setup to do that. So I’ll just say I’d really pretty, and you’ll have to fill in the blanks with the photos that will inevitably appear in the paper tomorrow. (I know *I* will be shocked if one of the 4 papers I regularly see on newsstands doesn’t have one on above the fold.)

I had something brilliant I was going to say here, but in between the time it took me to fire up the Blogger Pro page, create the post, and write the above paragraph, I lost it. So here are a few other things that I’ll share with you while I try to remember.

1. I didn’t write a word of the novel today. I’m so mad at myself, because I actually stayed up last night and caught up to where my word count was supposed to be. And now I’m going to be 1666 words behind again, if I don’t get going. And I feel like going to bed early.

2. Adam West did the voice of “Catman” on The Fairly Oddparents last night and it ROCKED. He is just the best. I don’t want to ever hear anyone say another bad word about him. Ever.

3. I did a teeny bit of shopping today. I heard that Zito and Jen from WXLO were going to be at the Paper Store in Leominster, and I figured this was a chance I couldn’t pass up. I actually was mostly hoping Jen would have The Colonel with her, because he looks so cute in the pictures on the radio station’s website. And he WAS CUTE! I’m really glad I went, because I got to see the baby, got to meet both of them and Peterman (what the heck happened to his Friday bits? Did Mr. Movie Phone totally replace him? I want him back.) I didn’t win any prizes, which stinks, but I got a fridge magnet, and you can never have too many of those. Plus I spent money on Christmas stuff, which is always good. Oh, and I got to tell Zito and Jen that I think they need to play less music and do more talking. I don’t tune in for music. If I want music I’ll play a CD. I want to be amused – it’s the only thing that makes being a commuter bearable, quite frankly. But I don’t think they have any say in it. Anyway, if you guys are reading this, it was really cool meeting you!