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Good Gravy

I threw my Josh Groban in the CD player (again) and I’ve got alla luce del sole blasting in my ears; I’ve just decided I don’t care how young he is, I’m willing to be his romantic interest forever and ever. I mean, if he’ll just sing that song to me and only me once a day, I’ll die a happy woman.

I say all this because I had a dream the other night that he was in concert in Fitchburg and I had tickets but I forgot to go and I could actually hear him singing from my parent’s house and I was devastated because I had always wanted to see him. And then we raced to the church basement where he was performing (hey, it was a dream) and we got to sit in the front row. Ahhhhhhhh. When I woke up I was sad at first, because it was just a dream, but then I did the “Oh, hey, I have seen him in concert!” thing. Not in the front row, but pretty close.

How can his voice sound like that? My goodness, he could be singing “You are the turd that floats in the sewer of my life” and as long as it was in Italian sung in that amazing voice of his, it would be the love song for the ages. Oh ya, I am so ready to get his new CD when it comes out, this month I think.