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No, I don’t have the Flu, but thanks to the free flu shots they’re handing out like candy here at work today, I’m hoping to avoid it altogether this year.

The only thing that bothered me was that when it was my turn, the first thing the nurse said was “You’re already pale,” meaning, I guess, that some people get pale at the thought of a shot, but I arrived looking like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

I’m not afraid of shots, or blood draws. I’m hypothyroid, I get my blood drawn 4 times a year or so. I mean, it’s not that. So I’m so pale that she had to comment on it? Wrong thing to say to a hypochondriac, of course. Now I’m just going to wonder if I’m coming down with something. Or near death. Or dead and but I don’t know I’m dead, like that movie that I won’t name so I can’t be blamed for spoiling it for folks who haven’t rented the movie. Even though they’ve had plenty of time, thank you.

I think that’s it from here. Other than wondering about the weather bricklet on my work homepage that shows trees being blown sideways for Friday. I can honestly say, since starting here in June, I’ve never seen the trees blowing sideways icon. I can only assume it means a typhoon is headed this way.