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Chapter 3 – With the Wind Comes…Snow?

My wind-whipped soul is in shock: I swear I saw snowflakes. No, really. Curse you, Miffy!! You mock me, and then you laugh your cold, whistling laugh. But we will perservere. I just hope that the trees stay intact through this one. I was standing on the deck a moment ago and decided I would be better off behind the protective barrier of the slider. Man, that is some loud wind. Could you pipe down out there? I’m trying to write a novel!

The drive home was relatively uneventful; no top-heavy vehicles were pushed over, if that’s what you consider an event. You have failed, Miffy!

Now that I’m home and can hear the wind, I can hear the wind. When at work I am pretty insulated from nature, good and bad. So far we still have electricity and drinking water. I laugh at you, Typhoon Miffy! Actually, I don’t know how the satellite dish is fairing, because we aren’t watching television. Gamecube is the mind-numbing activity of choice this evening.

I’m going to start rationing the rootbeer and Tostitos. I hear this is going to last all night.