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You Know What Makes Me Mad?

Bad pie makes me mad. If you can’t make pie properly, don’t make it – that’s my motto. But that’s not the motto in the cafeteria. I’ll give them some credit – they’d don’t bake there. I don’t know if it’s an effort to keep everyone thin, or laziness, but the cafeteria doesn’t really have a dessert section, other than some random puddings and a few cookies. They aren’t prominent and I think if you didn’t know where they were, you wouldn’t know they had them.

Anyway, when I was at Allmerica they had a huge sinful “pay by the ounce” dessert every day that was just killer. Blueberry crisp, chocolate trifle, strawberry shortcake, etc. Every day there were a couple of cakes. But here there is none of that, which I can deal with.

So it was a big deal to me that they had a big pile of “Fresh Baked Pie!” today. Apple, of course, but I like apple. Everyone was buying a piece because it looked good, and because it was so unusual.

It was horrible. The apples weren’t cooked, the crust was just mushy dough, and the spices were off a bit. But it was the apples that got to me. How hard is it to cook the pie enough so that the apples don’t taste like you just picked them off the tree? Hell, even *I* have been known to make apple pies, tarts and crisp and cook the apples. Grrr.

I got all excited that there was pie and then I couldn’t even finish eating it, so you know it was bad. And THAT is what makes me mad.