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I don’t know if I mentioned that I’m going to be a witch this year for Halloween. I can reuse a cape I bought two years ago, and I have a new hat and wig. I should put the wig on for all of you. I’ll take a webcam pic and leave it up when I do. Anyway, I think I’m just going to do a black turtleneck and black jeans when we’re actually out, because quite frankly, I don’t know where one goes to shop for a black leotard if you aren’t in gymnastics. Plus, it’s probably not a clothing items I’d get a LOT of use out of. It would be cool if I knew how to sew, because I’d like to wear a cool skirt – I’m picturing one of those Stevie Nicks deals circa 1980, but only in black, but if I made it I’d be afraid I’d be naked by the time I got to the third or fourth house.

The witch thing was easier to pull together than the superhero plan we were using. Everyone in our Halloween group (5 kids, 6 adults) were supposed to dress as superheroes. Easier for the size 8 gals to find something, that’s for sure. Then one family decided they were going to be animals, my son and nephew wanted to be Power Rangers (they don’t really qualify as superheroes, do they?) and that’s when we realized we could all be what we wanted.

I like my hat, I just need to figure out what to put in it to make it stick straight up.