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Things that Make You Say “GAH!”

I know you’re expecting me to say the Red Sox, but I’m done talking about them until they win another game.

No, I’m talking about the yellow jacket (bee, wasp, whatever) that is kind of jammed in the latch of the slider door. As in “Was just minding it’s own business when someone locked it, and caught it there.” Except it doesn’t look like it’s caught, it looks like it’s trying to figure out how to unlatch the door so it can get out. But it’s only about 40 degrees out there, so maybe the wasp is actually the one that locked the door. You never know. I’ve seen crazier stuff than that in the movies.

So if it’s still there tomorrow (what, you think I’m going NEAR it? Are you crazy?) I’ll spray it with Windex(tm) for good measure, cause that’s all I’ve got that I’m willing to spray IN the house, and then somehow remove the little dead wasp carcass. And on THAT note…I’m going to bed.