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Stress, Oh Yes

Last night’s Red Sox game put me through all new levels of stress. I mean, nothing I face during my day will raise my blood pressure and give me anxiety attacks as that game did. The bottom of the 9th, with bases loaded and us only up by one? I almost threw up I was so nervous (and that’s actually not an exaggeration). I came VERY close to just pausing the Tivo, then fast forwarding to the end to see if we won or lost.

Third night in a row that I had an uncontrollable scream – Saturday night I had to stuff a throw pillow in my mouth so I wouldn’t wake up the kids – last night I cut it off pretty quickly, but there are some things that you just can’t control, and my relief over the damned game being over deserved a scream. And it only took an hour for me to calm down enough to fall asleep. The fact that I’m coming down with something nasty is NOT going to be helped by my lack of sleep last night.