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You know what makes a good alarm clock? The DJs on the local radio station talking about snow in the forecast in the middle of October. Boy, I woke right up when I heard that. Now that is the kind of stuff that makes a clock radio a good investment.

The snow is predicted for tonight/tomorrow. “Accumulating” meaning we’ll be able to see it on the grass, and it will cause traffic horrors, but not deep stuff. I hope.

In a panic I had Junior try on last year’s winter boots. Whew, they still fit. So does his winter coat (well, one of them, anyway) but I don’t know about the snow pants. We can try those on tonight. I remember last November when I was looking ahead in the weather forecast and saw a possible storm, and I ran my butt over to Bob’s to find him some boots. My kid was one of the only ones around who could go outside to play in the snow because I planned ahead. I’m sure these boots won’t last all season, but my first worry is getting him pants that fit, we can save the boots for another paycheck.