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Pinky the Sno-Ball

Got a note from my old boss this morning that they will be ending The Great Hostess Sno-ball Experiment

today. Yes, they STILL have the sno-balls, and yes, they STILL look the same. Here’s what he said in the announcement about the end of the experiment:

“Results to date have shown that Hostess Snoballs can withstand significant exposure to sunlight, heat, cold, dust, and general irritation (we moved two years ago and packed them up in a box). They currently resemble fuzzy pink half-round bricks but are still easily recognizable as Snoballs. ”

Wow. You have to laugh that they still have them. I left that company in November of 2000, so that’s a long time they’ve been under his watchful eye. I’m just glad that he didn’t mail them to me.