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Month: October, 2003

Unique Rabbit

Wind and driving rain. Ahhh, Monday. At least it isn’t snow, right? Right?

My brother-in-law bought a Nintendo magazine over the weekend because they just got a GameCube. I don’t know that I was aware such a thing existed, but with Christmas looming, I grabbed it to peruse the potential gifts. One thing they had was a page dedicated to Animal Crossing, which we haven’t really played regularly since I stopped being unemployed. It’s the kind of game you have to play all the time, mainly because you don’t want to miss any special festivals and fun stuff, have weeds take over town or have your house become overrun with cockroaches. That’s right, you miss too many days in a row and your house gets cockroaches.

Well, we didn’t play most of the summer, which stinks because there are fish and bugs that you can only get in the summer (you want to get one of each for the museum, plus you can sell anything you catch.) But looking at the magazine, we realized that it has a whole Halloween element that we didn’t know about – special Halloween furniture! Halloween clothes! Candy for sale at Tom Nooks to give to Trick-or-Treaters! So Junior and I got all excited about the game again and actually played for a few minutes this morning. We have plans to play again tonight when we got home. Who says we don’t know how to have fun?

Oh, about the post title:

Q: How do you catch a unique rabbit?

A: Unique up on it.

Q: How do you catch a tame rabbit?

A: Tame way, unique up on it!


Worst License Plate Ever

I didn’t see this one personally, and it’s probably good because I would have driven off the road laughing.


Gah. Had to be a guy, cause even a female Gyno wouldn’t put PAP SMR on her license plate. Ever.


And It’s Not Even My Birthday!

I’d like to thank the Florida Marlins for the early birthday present. I know my birthday isn’t until January (in case you’re looking, here’s my Amazon wishlist. Buying me the expensive stuff earns you more brownie points than the spatula, just FYI.

Oh, so anyway, great game, I hope Beckett wins the Cy Young just based on last night’s game. That was a thing of beauty, and I was particularly thrilled when he got the third out in the 9th on his own. Good game boys.


Blogrolling Hates Me

I like that my blog is listed on blogrolling as “recently updated” but when I look at my blogroll, it isn’t actually listed as updated. It either is or it isn’t, right? And I can get the pinger to work from my home machine but not from work. Very odd. So this pointless post is just to update my blog to see if I can actually get the site to appear as “updated”.


Weekend Planning

I’m not sure what my plans are for the weekend. There are a lot of things to do, but at this very second, I don’t feel like doing anything. I have high hopes that this will change by tomorrow, but giving the nature of my blah’s (let’s put it this way – I’ve been craving chocolate the past few days) who knows. But the weather forecast looks delightful, and it’s down to the “this could be the last good weekend until next year so we have to enjoy it!” time of year.

This weekend at Sholan Farm in Leominster they are having a scarecrow contest. We haven’t ever been to this but I heard it’s fun. Of course, to participate you have to have your scarecrow completed at delivered to them by 2:00pm tomorrow. The rules, while simple, are all online. There’s always Marshall Farm in Fitchburg, where we can spend $4 for an all-day pass for the moonwalks. This can kill an hour MINIMUM, and exhaust the kid at the same time! They’re also having a big Halloween “party” on Saturday. How to choose!!!

Sunday we have our choice of two different Halloween parades to attend, although we’ve done the one in Littleton for the past 4 years or so. Why mess with tradition?


One Year Ago Today

You know, it’s not often that you can use a photo from exactly one year ago and have it be completely appropriate. Granted, I don’t have that table out on the deck anymore, but

everything else looks eerily similar.

When I left home, branches were already drooping under the weight of some seriously heavy snow. There was much less of it at work, which is southeast of home.


I’m a Winnah

I don’t usually buy soda at work, because it’s a big honking waste of money. It kills me to pay $1.25 for a 16 ounce bottle when I can buy a 12-pack of cans for $2.00 when it’s on sale. So generally I stick with the free water (complete with free ice!). Except this week I just felt the need for an afternoon beverage, and Diet Pepsi was the drink of choice.

They’re having a contest – the name of a football team is under the cap. Match two caps and you win an NFL team hat. Guess who won a free NFL team hat? Thank you, Detroit Lions!

Now granted, I need to find a “box or padded envelope” to mail these back to Pepsi, along with my name, address and team choice on a 3×5 card. And I have to pay THAT postage. Suddenly, there’s a lot of work involved to get a ten dollar hat. So the big question we must all ask ourselves…will Jody actually claim her prize?


Trail of Belongings

Today was Junior’s field trip to pick pumpkins. It was 40 and drizzling out. He had his winter coat, hat, mittens and boots. They picked apples and pumpkins.

So when I picked him up tonight – he had the hat, the boots, one mitten, no apples and no pumpkin. He thinks he left the mitten on the bus, the pumpkin at kindergarten, and the apples somewhere at daycare. He thinks this because he gave an apple to one of the daycare teachers. No other apples were spotted. I KNEW this was going to happen.

p.s. Update on the snow…they’re saying we might get four inches. AAAAAAH!



You know what makes a good alarm clock? The DJs on the local radio station talking about snow in the forecast in the middle of October. Boy, I woke right up when I heard that. Now that is the kind of stuff that makes a clock radio a good investment.

The snow is predicted for tonight/tomorrow. “Accumulating” meaning we’ll be able to see it on the grass, and it will cause traffic horrors, but not deep stuff. I hope.

In a panic I had Junior try on last year’s winter boots. Whew, they still fit. So does his winter coat (well, one of them, anyway) but I don’t know about the snow pants. We can try those on tonight. I remember last November when I was looking ahead in the weather forecast and saw a possible storm, and I ran my butt over to Bob’s to find him some boots. My kid was one of the only ones around who could go outside to play in the snow because I planned ahead. I’m sure these boots won’t last all season, but my first worry is getting him pants that fit, we can save the boots for another paycheck.


Add-on to the post below…

(I’d say the previous post, but in Blogger-land, the previous post is physically the “next” post and I didn’t want to confuse you.)

When I went to Junior’s Kindergarten one morning, I was there when they did the Pledge and two kids actually sat it out. I don’t know why I found that fascinating, but I did.

I bring this up, because Junior recited it for me last night for the first time, and he was FLAWLESS. He enunciated each word, there were no mistakes, no words left out, added or mangled. He sounded like a little professional. If I could figure out how to make it a file of reasonable size, I’d post it here. I’ll have to work on that. But it was amazing, and I’m not even a big fan of the Pledge.