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Oh, right, “Journalism”

They sell the New York Post in our cafeteria (along with the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the Boston and Worcester papers) and I picked it up because of the photo on the cover, showing Nelson and Garcia, who they say will be charged with something related to the Williams’ attack. I turned to page 4 because that’s where the full story was, and the sidebar caught my eye. I have to assume it was an editorial, but it didn’t appear on the editorial page, it was on page 4 with the other news. And the following snippet caught my eye and lodged in my skull. I paraphrase, because I didn’t want to have to buy that nasty piece of trash just to get the quote correct.

“the grandpa was hurled down by the nasty, millionaire punk.”

Uh, wow. Grandpa. Well, I guess if he’s a grandpa he’s 100% innocent. Grandpas never do anything bad. Or wrong. Or stupid. I like that we’re referring to him as a grandpa. He’s probably too soft to be holding the position he does, then, right? Unfriggingbelievable. Every time I think I’ve calmed down enough to get past that game, I read something like this. You know, if some wacko takes it upon himself to somehow hurt Pedro to avenge “Grandpa”, every single person who wrote trash like this Post “journalist” should be held accountable. Cause sweetheart, when you write stuff like this, you’re no better than anyone else who got involved in the skirmish out on the field. Takes a punk to know a punk.